I Heart Chaos’s Periodic Table of Video Game Characters

March 12, 2009


From IHeartChaos.com:

Holy crap this took a lot longer than I thought. A couple weeks ago, there was this Periodic Table of Cartoon Characters floating around on Digg and it got me thinking about a Periodic Table of Video Game Characters, but unfortunately, the periodic table of elements doesn’t always cooperate when it comes to video game character names. If you’re stumped on any, let me know and maaaybe I’ll give you the answer.

As far as my criteria for what went where, I tried to give room first to characters who are primarily and originally video game characters, but not always. Batman for example, is first a comic book character, but there were some pretty kickass Batman games, the one for NES in particular. Same with Homer Simpson– he’s primarily a cartoon character, but he’s appeared in more video games than most of the other characters on the table. For Hf, after not even finding a Pokemon or Star Wars character that had an H or an f in their name, I had to resort to Heifer from Rocko’s Modern Life, since there was a Rocko game for the SNES. Stupid Hf.

Oh, and you can buy a print of this as a poster at Redbubble. Just sayin’.

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