Frank Kozik’s Toyer-Z

March 11, 2009


Nerd City favorite Frank Kozik has a new toy out from Toy2r, Toyer Z.


Hovering somewhere outside our known universe stands the protector – TOYER Z. This new figure from Frank Kozik takes the classic TOY2R mascot, the TOYER, and transforms it into a figure that looks back to the age of classic giant robot defenders. This one comes in the form of a 10 inch vinyl figure as shown at this year’s Toy Fair.

Of course every great defender has a nemesis and the same is true for TOYER Z. Waiting in the dark is the sinister TOYER ENEMY, counting the days until he drops from the sky to battle our hero. For now, the skies are safe and TOYER Z stands…waiting.

For ordering information – contact or EMPIRE DISTRIBUTION.

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