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March 6, 2009


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Ok…first off, I am a Trekkie.  My close friends will tell you this.  Very few know how deep it runs though.  I’ve seen all the movies and nearly every episode from every series, whether they were great or god awful.  I could win nearly any trivia on the subject and can spew technobabble like I was in uniform at a con.   It comes from a love of all science fiction…I make no argument with/against Star Wars because both series’ are great in their own way.  There hasn’t been a lot to be excited about in the Trek universe lately.  The previous movies have been so bad that I had lost faith in Trek ever becoming more than a “has-been” franchise of my youth.  Well, enter Mr. J.J. Abrams and a bold reimaging of The Original Series.  A lot of fans had been up in arms about the changes and that he was ruining the franchise (as if it wasn’t headed to the dumpster without him).  Trekkies are worse than any other fanbase when it comes to keeping things in cannon.  The newest trailer (playing with Watchmen or seen on Apple in QT HD here) looks fucking fantastic but still has nothing to reassure us that it’s not just starting the franchise over.  Yes, old Spock is in it, but that still didn’t explain the look of everything changing.  Well my fellow Trekkies….you really need to pick up the first two issues (out of four) of the Star Trek: Countdown comic if you’re that worried about the movie.  It’s published by IDW and is a direct set up/prequel to the movie (with input from Abrams) and as one Trekkie to another, Abrams is going to pull this baby off perfectly.  The comic so far has established EXACTLY how this movie will stay in the cannon of Trek history even though everything changes.  I won’t spoil anything but thanks to the comic, rumors are flying all over the place on how the movie will start and if certain actors are being secretly hidden from viewers.  If you haven’t read the comic then you have no idea because the movie so far hasn’t played on this at all, which is somewhat of a shame.  I know Abrams likes his secrets/surprises, but after the first two issues and the new trailer I am saying right now this is going to be the best thing Trek has ever put out.  EVER.  Only a couple months to go before the release of what I think will be this summers Iron Man surprise.

Star Trek movie site here.

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    4 Responses to “Beam Me Up”

    1. mike Says:

      I thought you nerds were called Trekkers not Trekkies, isn’t Trekkies racist to Star Trek fans?

    2. ben Says:

      I’ve watched both of those Trekkies movies, which attempted, at lenght, to differentiate between the two terms. However, I still don’t remember what exactly those differences are.
      For me, the term “Trekkies” is cool because of the pop culture history associated with it. The term “Trekker” is a bit too Comic Book Guy, IMHO.
      Plus, that guy from Reading Rainbow was awesome.

    3. mike Says:

      I say who cares, Star Trek straight up sucks. Star Wars 4 LIFE!!!!

    4. kris Says:

      It is racist to Trek fans….that’s why I used it. I’m disgusted at myself for being such a fan.