Nintendo News: Boy and His Blob returns and Punch-Out update

March 4, 2009


Punch-out update
First, fantastic news coming directly from Nintendo. When Punch-Out is released this summer there will be two control options. One of which will be the standard nunchuck wiimote combo of punching like you do in Wii Sports. So when you swing your right arm, Mac will swing his and so on. The best news though is that you will be able to play old school NES style by turning your wiimote sideways and playing with the d-pad along with the 1 and 2 buttons being your punches. I was really excited to hear this news as I was hoping to not have to swing my arms to play this as Punch-Out relies on timing and dodging appropriately.

On top of that, Majesco Entertainment (who developed the great Contra 4 on the DS) has announced the revival of A Boy and His Blob. If you don’t remember this game, it came out 20 years ago for the NES. In it you were a boy who would feed his blob different types of jelly beans to make him transform into ladders, trampolines and other random items. Well new screen shots have been released on this remake and they look fantastic. Majesco is keeping with the 2D style of gameplay and the art design really reminds me of Miyazaki style of films. The gameplay will remain the same in that he feeds his blob jelly beans, but this time around there will be more weapon play involved. Not much more is known about the title or a release date, but once again it looks fantastic.

In a boy and his blob, an evil emperor has seized the throne of Blobolonia, and the fate of its inhabitants lies in the hands of the blob and a young boy he encounters when he crash lands on Earth. Playing the part of the boy, gamers must work together with their new blob friend to solve puzzles, defeat monsters, and escape danger on Earth and Blobolonia. By feeding the blob jelly beans, players can activate his special abilities to transform him into helpful tools – including a ladder, trampoline, parachute, cannon, shield and many more. Every different blob form aids the boy as he navigates 40 side-scrolling levels filled with hidden treasures and unlockable bonus content on the way to the Emperor’s Citadel. Classic beans such as Licorice Ladder, Apple Jack, and Tangerine Trampoline, are joined by all-new jellybeans, including Bubble Gum Bubble and Caramel Cannon to provide a brand new play experience that only Wii can provide!

Boy and Blob

Boy and Blob 2
Images courtesy of Gamespot

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