*UPDATED* 5 year old stabs 10 year old sister over Nintendo DS

March 3, 2009


NES Chucky
UPDATE: Well folks, looks like we game reporters spoke a little too soon. Word coming out now from the French version of AP is that the Mother stabbed her daughter and the son wasn’t involved at all. Excerpt from the translation of the french article:

In fact, the 10-year-old girl was stabbed, but NOT by her 5-years-old brother. She was stabbed by her mother ! And, of course, it wasn’t because of a Nintendo DS.

According to what I read, the daughter was examined by a surgeon, who said that it was impossible that such a young boy could hurt someone so deeply. Then, the investigators talked to the children, and the daughter told them that she was stabbed by her mother, who finally confessed that she did it. She was apparently upset by the noise made by her children.

Original Story Below:

In a sad story, a 5-year old French boy stabbed his 10-year old sister over a Nintendo DS. Wanting to play with the DS, the boy used a kitchen knife to stab his sister in the chest. When asked why he did this, Le Post states that he thought the knife was a toy and he was influenced by a Power Rangers game where you throw knives. At the time of this, the mother was asleep in her room after coming off a all night shift. So just another way to blame video games when it really is the parents fault. Not trying to gloss over this sad story, the sister is doing fine by the way, but I can only expect people to get up in arms on how video games keep promoting violence. I also don’t look to post more sad stories like this, but I really wanted to post the NES chucky that was created and supplied by our friends at gizmodo.com.

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