Microsoft’s “Don’t Ask-Don’t Tell” Policy?

February 27, 2009



Well, fun news this morning from our friends (cough, cough) at Fox News.  According to this story Microsoft banned a female player from their Xbox Live service for identifying herself as a lesbian.  The story states:

“The unidentified woman said she was harassed by several players, who would follow her into games and tell other players to report her to Microsoft because they didn’t want their kids to see “that crap.”"

 The story also mentions that the ban was enacted because other gamers found her orientation “offensive”.  Well, I’ve done a fare share of online gaming and you know what?  I find most players offensive as well.  Can we ban them too?  Not to mention if you’re using a headset for games.  Sit down with Call of Duty 4 (one of the best shooters EVER in my humble opinion!) and tell me the language you hear is better than some girl (YES…they banned a GIRL!?!) who wants to play online and also happens to like female companionship.  If they’re going to ban for that, then why even have a orientation category on profiles??  Kinda defeats the purpose of the category if there’s only one choice.  A funny (kinda) ending to the article is that Microsoft apparently also banned a guy that had the real name of Richard Gaywood because “gay” was in it, as reported by  Ahh…the fun P.C. America we live in.  And here I thought the Xbox 360 was openly gay all along! 

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