In Brightest Day….Otherwise Known as December 17, 2010!

February 25, 2009


Green Lantern

Big day/night of announcements for Warner Bros.  Harry from Ain’t it Cool News is reporting that the Warners have set release dates for two upcoming comic based movies in 2010.  The first being Jonah Hex which should be arriving August 6th.  I can see it being a interesting movie, but I haven’t really followed that character outside of the animated DC Universe.  But I like westerns and I like comics….so it seems like it could work out.  The bigger news (to me at least-I know not for Max) is that Green Lantern is going to be here December 17!!  I can not wait to see GL tearing ass across the big screen.  Keep your fingers crossed for good writers, producers, actors, and hopefully a director that knows his shit.   

AICN article here.

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