Three more WWE Hall of Fame Inductees

February 24, 2009


Sorry I’m a little late on this news, but WWE has released three more inductees names to go along with Stone Cold Steve Austin in the 2009 Hall of Fame class.  Along with SCSA, The Funk Brothers and Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat will be inducted over the Wrestlemania weekend this coming April.  Now as a kid I wasn’t a fan of Steamboat, as I liked the bad guys, so I never got into his work.  Watching now though I can definitely respect this mans career.  As for the Funks, they are two crazy sons of bitches that are a dream to watch.  Where they may not be the most graceful in the ring, they can definitely put on a great show and will make you tap with their devastating spinning toe holds.  For Terry Funk alone, watch Clash of the Champions 1989, Funk wrestles Ric Flair in an I Quit Match.  During this match, Funk uses an actual plastic shopping bag to suffocate Flair into quitting….good stuff.  My only problem is that Mick Foley will not be able to induct his good friend Terry Funk into the HOF as he currently works for TNA, but I’m pretty sure they will have someone great to induct him and his brother.

Direct Link to Youtube Video

Direct Link to Youtube Video

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    5 Responses to “Three more WWE Hall of Fame Inductees”

    1. coop Says:

      I watched Wrestlemania 3 at my local arena on closed circuit tv. Going back and watching an old tape of Steamboat/Savage doesn’t capture the full experience of the match because it’s impossible to capture the weeks (actually months) of angles and promo’s building it up. In that context it’s greatest match I’ve ever seen. Ricky Steamboat is the man. Of course I’m still boycotting the Hall of Fame until Macho gets inducted.

    2. ben Says:

      I have to admit that I saw Wrestlemania 3 live on closed circuit tv at my local arena, as well. Unfortunately, all that I really recall is Hogan slamming Andre the Giant. I’ll have to see if I can find video of that Dragon/ Macho Man bout.

    3. mike Says:

      Well semi good news Coop, WWE is releasing a 3-Disc Macho Man DVD later this year that will include the epic Savage/Steamboat match you mentioned. So for now at least, WWE is beginning to acknowledge Savage again.

    4. coop Says:

      Wrestlemania 3 was possibly the greatest day of my childhood.

      If the rumors are true I can understand why Vince wouldn’t want to induct Macho, but it seems silly to have a Hall of Fame and not include him (along with Bruno Sammartino and Bob Backlund).

    5. mike Says:

      Yeah those Macho Man “rumors” are pretty messed up and ridiculous. I expect him to have his day in the sun sooner than later.