Bomber Zero by Rohby

February 18, 2009


Has the time come for an Urban Vinyl/ Designer Toy Transformer? Rohby seems to think so. This transforming piece of art was recently debuted at NYCC (although I totally missed it). For more info on the Bomber Zero concept, check out this great interview with Roby by Toy Ark here.
For more Bomber Zero goodness and to have a look at Rohby’s other projects, check out his Flickr here.

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    2 Responses to “Bomber Zero by Rohby”

    1. kris Says:

      Awesome! If vinyl toys start becoming transformers then I’m gonna need a second (or third) job. This would go perfect on my shelf next to my Binaltech Jazz and Grimlock!

    2. ben Says:

      Yeah, it’s a pretty badass idea. BTW, I just got word from Rohby that he is approx 6″ tall in robot mode, if anyone was wondering about scale.