Friday the 13th redux in a nutshell

February 15, 2009


When it comes to horror films, I’m not necessarily anti-remake.  There have been some incredible remakes that not only enhance the original film but also add so much more, whether due to technical aspects or advances in special effects.  Dawn of the Dead and The Hills Have Eyes are prime examples of this: both movies were 20+ years old before they were ‘tweaked’.  It really can be pretty exciting and invigorating to see a great film dusted off and spruced up.  However, when a film has a franchise, specifically 10 sequels deep (the last being released 6 years ago), do you really need to remake the original?  I’m not completely bashing the idea of a Friday the 13th remake because I understand the plight of the filmmakers – the storyline is far too muddled at this point for a direct sequel (Jason in space!  Followed by Jason fighting Freddy, another franchise character?  Pretty yucky.)  And probably directly because of that they wanted to reshape the franchise and end it on a good note (please, dear God, tell me you’re ending it!)  But c’mon, guys.  You can let the sleeping corpse lie.  Just leave it alone!   

Alright, I’m being too harsh.  This past Friday (the 13th) I saw the remake/reimaging of Friday the 13th.  And you know what?  It wasn’t half bad.  It contained all the elements of the early Fridays that made them what they were: tits, some snobby asshole character you know is going to get his shit in the end, yummy violence and genuine “boo” jumps.  And they wisely kept Jason human in it.  He runs after his victims, he slows down when injured.  No Jason in a space shuttle.  No Jason as a half-rotten walking corpse.  Sure, there were things that detracted from the film, such as Jason keeping a girl alive because she reminded him of his mother.  And there was some cheesy final scene dialogue.  But that’s to be expected because test audiences are idiots with oatmeal for brains.  While it’s not on par with the Dawn or Hills remake, it’s leaps and bounds above the Hitcher remake.  Or Omen.  Those were the fucking pits.

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    One Response to “Friday the 13th redux in a nutshell”

    1. mike Says:

      I really enjoyed the new version as well. Much better than the Chainsaw Massacre remake that came out a few years ago. I like how they portrayed Jason this time around.