Big Muscamoot Sculpt from Rotofugi/ Squibbles Inc.

February 13, 2009


Rotofugi/ Squibbles Inc has just released images of the sculpt for The Big Muscamoot, a 6.5″ toy that will be the first in their The Lake Monsters series.

From Kirby at

So we’ve been toying with doing this oh-so-clever tongue in cheek news report style site for this project, but we came to our senses…it’s kinda dumb and too much work. So…if you’re one of the handful of people that are currently reading the blog, let me introduce ourselves.

The Lake Monsters is a new project by Squibbles Ink + Rotofugi. Squibbles Ink is a product development company based here in Chicago, and frequent collaborators with Rotofugi, a designer toy store and art gallery, also in Chicago.

We love monsters and decided that it would be a hell of lot of fun to make some of our own. These will be rotocast vinyl (made in China for those of you who will want to know) that will all be hand painted by us here in the US. We’re already planning on designs by several different midwest-based artists.

Many of the sculpts will be by Cleveland-based artist Chris Ryniak. We are stoked that Chris is into our little project and glad to have him on board.

The first Lake Monster (LM001, aka Big Muscamoot) is also one of Chris’ original designs. He’s a fat amphibious looking little beasty. We hope to have our first official release sometime in March or maybe April of this year, with the possibility of an unpainted release at this year’s Wondercon in San Francisco if we get the first shots from the mold back in time.

Well, with no further ado, click this link for a gallery showing the initial sculpt of LM001. Thanks.

He looks totally kickass, Kirby.  Midwest Kaiju represent!

Follow the development of The lake monsters here.

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