Warner Bros. “Green” Lights Next Superhero Movie Franchise

February 5, 2009


Alex Ross GL

Here’s a bit of awesome news involving moving pictures (unless you’re Max who is retarded and dispises this character/book).  According to Ain’t It Cool News and Variety Warner Brothers not only has green lit “Green Lantern” but is also fast-tracking it.  The Variety article says that WB is under negotiations with Martin Campbell (Goldeneye, Zorro, Casino Royale) to direct the project.  I think it’s great first news, but it’ll all come down to the actors and story.  I mean what would be better than a giant action flick with sweet sci-fi aspects and power rings?   Throw in the Corps and a battle between Hal and Sinestro and it’d be icing on the cake.  So what would be the cherry on top you ask?  Getting Geoff Johns to write the damn thing.  He has now proven his writing chops (outside of comics of course) with his episode of Smallville, introducing the Legion of Superheroes, which was one of the best in the series’ 8 year run so far.   And he has said on numerious occasions that he would love to tackle a GL movie.  At least pick the guys’ brain for ideas…I mean it’s not like he hasn’t done wonders with the book of the same name or anything.  

AICN story here.

Variety story here

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