First images of Lex Luthor from DCU: Online

February 4, 2009


With character designs by Jim Lee and a story written by Geoff Johns and Marv Wolfman, DCU:Online is shaping up to what could be one of the better MMORPGs. The best part of course is that this will be available on the PS3 so no worries if you don’t have a good enough PC. Anyway, newsarama had some exclusive pics of Lex in his power armor that I would like to share with you so enjoy. No release date yet for the game, I personally can’t wait to have my character join the Sinestro Corps or run with Lex to take down those lousy “heroes” that everyone loves so much. Once again, pics courtesy of Newarama.

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    One Response to “First images of Lex Luthor from DCU: Online”

    1. ben Says:

      Very cool. I would totally go Sinestro Corps., too. Or maybe Red Lanterns!