My Painted Po-Lar

February 1, 2009


After working on him on and off for months, I finally have Royalt1us’s Po-Lar in a state in wich I am happy enough with him to start showing him off. I’m sure that I’ll continue to nitpick him and re-paint little details for months to come, but I felt that it was time to show where I was at with him.
It’s been quite a few years since I have wielded Citadel paints and size 000 brushes, so this has certainly been a learning experience for me. Techniques such as drybrushing, blending, and ink washing, although familiar, totally needed to be relearned.
What I’ve decided to do is move on to my Lava-Shark statue and continue to hone my skills and from there come back to Po-Lar and touch up little details. Now, on to Lava-Shark…

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