“Ghoul Reaper” Prototype by Robert DeCastro

January 29, 2009


This past week, designer toy sculptor Robert DeCastro, unveiled this sweet new prototype for his “Goul Reaper” figure.  Here’s what Robert had to say about him:

Started sculpting this guy a couple o years back then placed him on stasis cause #1 I didn’t know any of the secret handshakes to get a Japanese factory to talk with me about producing this toy, #2 I didn’t want to branch off too soon after doing my Robot and #3 I punked out seeing how non-Japanese where getting slaugthered when we do (gulp) Kaiju lol.
Anyhoo, I felt sorry for the lil bugger just sittin there “almost” finished so I went ahead and,,well finished him/it. The Ghoul Reaper (back story all written up and everything) is about 5.5″ tall. It’s still needs tooling up to smooth and finish up the surface some more. The pix will show the reaper monster in Castelene wax.
I’m toying with the Idea of producing it as a resin toy. I’ll do maybe a run of 10-20 pcs, hand cast and hand paint it myself (100% DIY).

So without further chitchat, I humbly present fo the first time anywhere.
The “Ghoul Reaper” .

Check out Robert DeCastro’s homepage (and his other awesome designs) here.

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