Bruised, Beaten, and Blackened Show by Le Merde @ Giant Robot

January 27, 2009



My solo show “Bruised, Beaten and Blackened” opens on Sat Feb 14th. I’ll be in LA for the opening. I have been in quite a few group shows and one 3 person show with Giant Robot. So it’s exciting to have a solo show with them. They have been really good to me and I like them a lot. Also they are the best mag out there.

The show title “Bruised, Beaten and Blackened” is all about my characters mixing it up. My world of characters are mostly in 2 camps. The fans of the band ZEU and the fans of the band MISTY FOG. Fan loyalty taken to the deep end. So the show is about these guys working out their thoughts and opinions through the art of taking it outside.

The Blackened part of the title is mostly about my recent love for “Blade Runner” eyes. Can’t stop the darkened eye holes.

I’ll have around 30-35 resin figures painted 1/1. All $200 and under. All 11 of my sculpts will be present this time. All with bruised and blackened eyes. Here is a list of my characters and in order of release:

Release order:
1. Hollis Price (Front man of ZEU)
2. Pony Falcone (#1 ZEU fan and best friend of Hollis Price)
3. Burgerbuns (Undecided loyalty)
4. The Malignus Youth (Monster created by Kandar Radius to defeat ZEU)
5. Kandar Radius (Main villain of the first 2 ZEU albums)
6. Hujili’s Ghost (Rocker who lost his head and now is a severed head w/ a ghostly body)
7. The Mayor McMonty Fritz (Mascot for the restaurant McKandar Kandies Hamburgers)
8. Le Turd (High School friend of Hollis and Pony but now a Misty Fog supporter)
9. Pottery Lightfoot (Swamp Ripper and friend of Le Turd)
10. Vanfar (Lead Axe man for ZEU)
11. Breaker Lee (Getter style robot and main topic of ZEU’s 3rd album)

I’ll have about 6-7 paintings. All different sizes. I’ve mostly have being using Cel and Acrylic Paint on Wood Panels but also the use of Spray Paint on Canvas. I’ve been getting a good crackling effect. All under $500. Some of the titles are:

“Paying the Price”
“I Think I’m Starting to Vibrate” and
“Disagree to Agree”

If you’re in the area and it’s at all possible, I’d highly reccomend checking out the show.

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