What, me Quarterly?

January 23, 2009


MAD With the economy going the way it has lately, most companies are finding ways to tighten the belt. Sad news comes today as MAD Magazine, which is owned by DC Comics which in turn is owned by Warner Bros, will be published quarterly instead of monthly. Starting with issue 500 the magazine will begin it’s quarterly schedule with a price tag of $5.99. $5.99 may seem pricey but they are going to 56 pages instead of the standard 42 and if I’m remembering correctly, the magazine already has a price point of around $5 anyway. So for all you MAD fans out there (the magazine not the horrible TV show that just got canceled) then your fix will now only be filled 4 times a year. I couldn’t find a video of Homer not doing the fold in properly on The Simpsons, so I leave you with one (if not the best) Moe Szylak scene.

Direct Link to Youtube Video

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