Obama Already Making Some Significant Changes

January 21, 2009


Just because he’s only been President for one day doesn’t meen that Barak Obama isn’t getting right down to business in terms of performing his Presidential duties.  First and foremost of which, apparently, is whipping Image’s Youngblood into shape.  From ImageComics.com:

Yesterday morning Comic Book Resources broke the news President Barack Obama will make his first major superhero-related initiative public during a six-page back-up story written and illustrated by comic superstar Rob Liefeld in February’s YOUNGBLOOD #8!

“Obama re-instating the YOUNGBLOOD program with his picks is a natural, with SAVAGE DRAGON having featured Obama already,” Liefeld told CBR. “And with YOUNGBLOOD having featured George H. Bush in its past as well as a Saddam Hussein styled guy and YOUNGBLOOD featured alongside Dan Quayle in WILDC.A.Ts and Bill Clinton in SUPREME, Image has a long history of involving presidential figures!”

The Liefeld penned six-page back-up story will see America’s 44th President begin his term by selecting the next line-up of YOUNGBLOOD to protect the country after the team’s radical changes set forth in Joe Casey and Derec Donovan’s fan-favorite run. This leads into May’s YOUNGBLOOD #9, in which Liefeld returns to the book full-time and President Obama comes into play as the White House comes under siege.

YOUNGBLOOD #8 (JUL082216), a 32-page full color comic book for $2.99, will be in-stores February 2009.

Personally, I’m far more excited about the fact that Liefeld is returning full time to the book. I’m probably the only one.

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