Why You Don’t Mess with the Prez’s Motorcade

January 19, 2009


Dillon Aero Tactical Vehicle with Gatling Gun – video powered by Metacafe

If you thought the President’s new limo (Cadillac One here) was not enough of a challenge for you to defeat then the above video should help change your mind.  At least one of these bad boys are in the convoy of Suburban’s that make up the detail protecting the President.  I doubt even Jack Bauer could get by this thing AND Cadillac One’s defenses without being cut in half.  And then in half again.  Before you can even blink.  And it’s worthy to note that this is a defense (offense?) that we KNOW about.  I’m betting they have all kinds of cool phasers and blasters that were ripped off the aliens at Area 51 that aren’t published on geek sites.

Gizmodo (Cadillac One).

Jalopink (Suburban that will cut you in half)

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