Sith Kenobi in Star Wars: Battlefront III

January 19, 2009


Sith Kenobi Well at least that is what we could have gotten if Free Radical hadn’t closed up shop. Yes, on top of losing the fantastic Timesplitters series (for now) we also lost the development team working on the new Lucas Arts game, Star Wars: Battlefront III. Our good friends at Kotaku have a video that is rumored to be footage from the game. Watching the video (see below as well) I didn’t really see any Sith Kenobi but based off of seeing images and characters from all six films, it wouldn’t surprise me if there was some sort of Elseworlds story/setting out there as well. Either way, this is just another fantastic game lost to closing of great studios. Hopefully this will be picked up and released by some other studio, which I’m pretty sure it will. For bigger pics and full concept art on evil Kenobi check out Kotaku

Direct Link to Youtube Video

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