Nerd City @ Overdrive @ Rotofugi 01.16.09

January 19, 2009


Last Friday night was cold. Very cold. However, I braved the elements and headed to Rotofugi to check out the awesome Overdrive show. The show was especially significant because it was the first in Rotofugi’s newly expanded gallery space. Moving forward, openings will be every three weeks and will typically feature two artists. In the case of the Overdrive show, the artists were Chicago’s very own Netherland and England’s McBess. McBess has an amazing illustration style which fit particularly well with the music/ rock themed pieces that were featured in this show.
I had the pleasure of chatting briefly with Netherland about his creative process as I checked out some of his work. All of the 2-D elements of his art are clippings from 70′s magazines which he hunts down on ebay. These images are then assembled, typically on wood and given a thick coating of resin over the top. This gives each piece a glossy pop that really has to be seen in person to truly appreciate. Netherland also brought some more 3-D pieces such as the custom-cast gold resin Netherland mini amps.

Please check out McBess’s site here.
Also, Netherland’s site is here.

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