Disney Blu-Ray news, including Pulp Fiction.

January 14, 2009


Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment announced a very strong line-up for their 2009 Blu-Ray releases. Coming off the success of the Platinum Edition of Sleeping Beauty (and if you own a Blu-Ray player but don’t have this movie go buy it, the video transfer and audio upgrade is stunning), the next platinum release after the upcoming Pinocchio will be Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Now if the Blu-Ray is anything like the limited edition DVD that was released years ago (which is fantastic in its own right) then the Blu-Ray release will be possibly one of the best for 2009. Outside of the standard Disney cartoon classic, they have announced many films from their offshoot studios such as Dimension, Miramax and Pixar. The highlights of this list include A Bugs Life, Pulp Fiction, Sin City, Monsters Inc., Good Will Hunting and for Max, Pretty Woman. No firm release dates on any of these titles but you can expect Snow White probably later in the year around the holiday shopping season and Pretty Woman has a tentative release date of Feb 10th. Full list of announced Blu-Rays below:

New Releases
* Swing Vote (January 13)
* Space Buddies (February 3)
* Miracle At St. Anna (February 10)
* High School Musical 3: Senior Year (February 17)
* Beverly Hills Chihuahua (March 3)
* Morning Light (Summer)

Catalog Releases
* Pretty Woman (February 10)
* High School Musical: Remix Edition (February 17)
* Monsters Inc.
* A Bugs Life
* Microcosmos
* Rounders: 10th Anniversary Edition
* Lost: The Complete First and Second Seasons
* Sin City
* Miracle
* Sling Blade
* The Greatest Game Ever Played
* Pulp Fiction: Special Edition
* Good Will Hunting: Special Edition

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