Crumb’s Genesis

January 14, 2009


R. Crumb is illustrating the book of Genesis? Where have I been?

Weighing in for the Beat’s end-of-year industry feature, Abrams Executive Editor Charlie Kochman predicts that the “biggest story in comics in 2009″ will be “the long-awaited publication of Robert Crumb’s Book of Genesis, an adaptation of the Bible story, which Norton will be publishing in Fall 2009. I had the privilege of seeing some of the pages in France two years ago, and the scope of the work has haunted me ever since.”

The Comic Book College Weeklies blog carries corroborating commentary from Denis Kitchen, who acted as the book’s agent, that The Book of Genesis According to R. Crumb is “coming from W. W. Norton probably late 2009.”

Read the full article at on panel

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    4 Responses to “Crumb’s Genesis”

    1. ben Says:

      I hope he focuses mostly on the Phil Collins era.

    2. ForbiddenDonut Says:

      I prefer the prog rock years.

    3. punch888 Says:

      the better be a divorce fax in there somewhere.

    4. ben Says:

      I think that pretty much anyone who has ever guest starred on Miami Vice can get away with the ol’ divorce by fax maneuver.