Criterion Games unveils 3 new cars for Burnout Paradise

January 9, 2009


Coming off of the successful launch of car which looks and acts like the DeLorean from Back To The Future 2, Criterion Games has announced three new cars available soon for DLC.

First we have the “Manhattan Spirit” which clearly is the Ecto-1. This car will obviously be slower than others but will be stunt heavy. Like with the Delorean with it’s flame trail, hitting L3 with this car with do something special that is not yet announced.

Next is the “Carson Nighthawk”, which is KITT from Knight Rider. The only differences is that it is obviously not an old Trans Am and the light in the front is Blue not Red.

Finally we have the “Cavalry Bootlegger”. Paint this thing orange and put the rebel flag on top and you got the General Lee from The Dukes of Hazard.

There is no release date or price point yet for this DLC, but I would expect it within the next month or so.

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