Ghostbuster video game release date announced?

January 8, 2009


See by adding a question mark, I’m not stating that this is fact. In a press release for the forthcoming Ghostbusters Blu-Ray release from Sony (Yay!!!), it was announced that the video game would be coming out on the same day for a simultaneous release. And that day would be……June 16th 2009. That is a Tuesday, which is the day new media is usually released, so hopefully this is a true date. This game is highly anticipated so having it in a few months would be great. And on top of that we are getting one of the best movies on Blu-Ray as well. Once again the game will be released for all major systems, sorry Ben but no Commadore 64 version.

UPDATE: Atari has confirmed today that the June 16th date is an official date for the game.

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