Sandisk to produce Rock Band 2 specific SD card for Wii.

January 7, 2009



Ahh CES, how we love you so.  First “big” news to come out of CES (Consumer Electronics Show) for video games, is that Sandisk will be producing a Rock Band 2 SD card for the Wii.  Now any Sandisk card is valid for the Wii for storing Virtual Console games or some game saves, but this will be an “official” card for your Rock Band 2 downolads.  With each RB2 download taking up to 50megs each, your Wii would full rather quickly if you download tracks each week.  The card will be available this spring for $13 and will be 2GB in size.  Now if only Nintendo would release and external hard drive for the Wii, then our memory issues would be taken care of.

Look for more CES coverage over the next few days.

Image courtesy of Kotaku.

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