Spy-Fly FTW

January 6, 2009


It’s official!  The votes are in and the winner of Royalt1us’s 4th Annual Fan-Based Character Contest is Spy-Fly.  What does this mean?  It means that out of all of the fan-created characteds submitted to this contest by He-Man.org members, Spy-Fly got the most votes.  Therefore, he’s going to get the same sclupting treatment as Po-Lar and Lava-Shark before him.

The two other finalist characters were Ink-Shot, the squid guy, and Wraptor, the mummy snakeman. My vote went for Ink-shot in the final poll, but I’m still super excited to see what Royalt1us does with Spy-Fly. I’ll be sure to keep updating on the progress of the sculpt.
And yes, I’m almost finished painting my Po-Lar and will have pics up of him soon.

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