Killing You Softly with Our Song Show by Brian Flynn and Martin Ontiveros

December 26, 2008


From Super 7:

Killing You Softly with our Song

Brian Flynn & Martin Ontiveros
Blue Bottle Gallery, Seattle, WA

Jan 2nd – 31th, 2009

Martin and Brian don’t draw the heroes they draw the bad guys. They can’t get enough of giant monsters, ghosts, robots, the characters that play the villain. Both artists pull their imagery from similar genres sources where the character they connect with is the destructive element within the scene. In “Killing you softly with our song” Brian and Martin alter the context of their beloved characters and bring to light their more admirable qualities.

I’m a huge fan of Martin Ontiveros’s work. If Brian Flynn started a cult, I would join it.  Judging by these preview images of both their prints and wood sculptures, this is going to be a totally kickass show!

The Bluebottle Gallery website is here.

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