Horrible news, Free Radical closes shop.

December 18, 2008


Man the video game industry is really taking a hit lately. First Midway starts closing down multiple development studios, now Free Radical has completely shut down. For those of you not familiar with Free Radical, the studio consisted of a team of developers that worked for Rare and created Goldeneye 64 and Perfect Dark 64. They created my favorite first person shooter series of all time and that was TimeSplitters. Combining fast action and over the top weapons and characters, it brought back the great times of sitting around my Nintendo 64 playing Goldeneye all night with my friends. So it is sad to hear that this studio closed, considering they were working on TimeSplitters 4 and a rumored Star Wars Battlefront game for LucasArts. So we bid you a fond farewell Free Radical, you supplied me and others with fantastic games. Hopefully these guys will find work at another studio and maybe we will still see the release of TimeSplitters 4.
Master Chimp

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