New MadWorld trailer and Metal Gear for the iPhone?!?

December 17, 2008


A new trailer has been released for the upcoming Wii game, MadWorld. For thos of you not familiar with the game, MadWorld is an over the top violent action adventure game created by Platinum studios. Besides being created by Platinum studios, which is where the majority of people who worked for Clover Studios (the creators of the fantastic Viewtiful Joe and Okami games), MadWorld will be presented in black and white with red for blood as needed. This game has created some minor controversy overseas in the U.K due to its violence but I think the Queen is just overreacting.

Announced as well today is that the upcoming new Metal Gear Solid game will not be for a home system but for the iPhone. Apple is doing its best to compete with the handheld gaming world and having Metal Gear is a step in the right direction. Details supplied from Konami so far are that the game will take place in the MGS4 time period, it will obviously be controlled by touch screen, the game will launch with 8 stages (more to be released in the future) and points that you get through the game will allow you to download future MGS related material for the iPhone.

Photo courtesy of IGN and video courtesy of Game Trailers.

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