The Venture Brothers Season 3 on Blu-Ray next year.

December 9, 2008


Venture Bros
Cartoon Network has announced today that Season 3 of “The Venture Brothers” will be available on DVD and for the first time, Blu-Ray Disc on March 24th of 2009. Now we all know how this is pretty much the 2nd best cartoon on tv right now (Simpsons still #1 with me) so if you haven’t seen season 1 and 2 please go do so, Best Buy has them on sale for $15 a season. I love this show, Kris loves this show and Max came to his senses and started watching as well; so you all should be doing the same thing. As a bonus for picking up season 3 on blu-ray, you will receive a 20 track CD of music from the show. I will leave you with this, if you love The Monarch (and who doesn’t, he’s one of the best villains ever created) then you will love season 3..All Monarch, All the Time.

Pic courtesy of blast-o-rama.

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    2 Responses to “The Venture Brothers Season 3 on Blu-Ray next year.”

    1. popmonkey Says:

      Whoa now. I agree with you that VENTURE BROS. should be very high on the list of best animated shows currently airing (or ever). But to place modern-day SIMPSONS above it? Nay, I say. Simpsons of 6 years ago… maybe. But not today. SIMPSONS has been about 98% laugh-free for me these past few years. In fact, I’ve missed most of this current season, and I ain’t bothered a bit.

      Regardless, I haven’t made the jump to Blu-Ray yet, and I doubt I will by the time S3 is released. I hope I can get the music CD with the regular DVD release as well.

    2. mike Says:

      The CD is for Blu-Ray only. Unless that changes before it comes out. Sorry to hear about your Simpsons non-laughing issue.