Rap and Video Games

December 7, 2008


Now rappers talking about video games is nothing new. Whether it be Biggie Smalls talking about how he could never dream about having a Super Nintendo or Sega Genesis, The Wu-Tang Clan having their own fighting game and of course those fantastic 50 Cent games. Starting a while back Lil Flip sampled Pac-Man and other Namco sounds then we received the fantastic U-N-I sampling Castlevania and rapping about games, that lead to the 5 track album released for Street Fighter II HD Remix featuring Redman and others. So it was interesting to see Ludacris get in on this action with the release of his new album “Theater of the Mind” and the track “Press the Start Button”. The track is nothing spectacular but still interesting to hear all the game references. I’ve also included the U-N-I video as well in hopes that some of you suckas will pick up their album “Fried Chicken and Watermelon”


Direct Link to Youtube Video


Direct Link to Youtube Video

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