Lawrence: Nerd City?

December 1, 2008


Recently, Lawrence, Kansas, home of Missoura-beating KU, where Nerd Citizens Max, Mike, and Kris all went to school, has been heavily featured in two of the more prominent nerd shows on TV: Heroes and Supernatural. The brothers on Supernatural are from Lawrence, and recently, on this much-improved (although far-from perfect) season of Heroes, super fast, very hot, maybe-villian Daphne is from Lawrence, and Hiro, love-able Asian time traveler even goes to a comic book store there (imaginary, unfortunately), where fellow nerds Seth Green and Breckin Meyer work. Weird.

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    One Response to “Lawrence: Nerd City?”

    1. kris Says:

      While they didn’t use a real shop from Lawrence they at least made it look somewhat like they shot there (you could see “downtown like” shops through the front door and Daphne’s farm could be out by the Outhouse).