G-Speak Delivers Best Part of Crappy Sci-Fi Movie

November 26, 2008


Remember that small film with Tom Cruise called “Minorty Report”?  I believe Spielberg was involved as well.  No worries if you don’t because it wasn’t that good.  It had its moments but overall was pretty dissapointing.  The one thing in it that I found kinda awesome was the user interface they used in Precrime Headquarters.  You know, the one where Tom could just wave his hands and manipulate all the data and images on a screen.  Well we don’t have to wait for that grim future where they can tell if you’re thinking of killing someone (no fun in that!).  Oblong Industries have actually created that UI-gloves and all!  It’s called G-Speak (NOT the G-Spot…that’s different and much harder to successfuly operate) and I can’t wait for this to become mainstream technology.  Aren’t you tired of using a keyboard?  I know I am and this tech looks very promising to end that.  Here’s the demo of it in action.

Direct Link to Youtube Video

Fox News story on it here.

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