Nerd City Interview: Rob Schrab

November 25, 2008


Rob Schrab is the shit. His work includes “Scud: The Disposable Assassin“, “Monster House“, “Heat Vision and Jack“, and “The Sarah Silverman Program“. (See his Nerd City profile here.) Max recently had a chance to ask Rob a few questions about his work, his future, and his recent return to Scud.

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You recently returned to “Scud: The Disposable Assassin” after a ten year hiatus. How does it feel to come back to a project after so much time away, and what was it that brought you back to finish Scud?

It feels great.  I had Scud hanging over my head for ten years.  It died and came back better than ever.  I didn’t think I could do it.  I hope it inspires a generation of Scud fans to not give up on things that are important to them.

With the recent completion of the Scud saga, and a soon-to-be-released Scud action figure from Shocker Toys on the way, Scud seems to be as, if not more, popular than ever. What do you think it is about him that has attracted fans to the character for so long?

Good question.  It’s hard to say since I’m in the middle of Scud and I can only see it from inside and only the fans can see it looking in.  I think Scud reminds fans of themselves.  He has the same wants and desires they do (to be accepted, find sanctuary in a soul mate) and he has the same weaknesses (the need to be accepted, and find sanctuary in a soul mate).  He’s slight of frame but can kick ass, he protects his friends more than himself and even though he finds this life to be completely without logic and utterly unfair -it’s still precious to him.  That’s why I like him.

What else is in store for everyone’s favorite disposable assassin? Is there any possibility of a Scud movie?

I really don’t know.  It’s something that might be a better dream than reality.  I take it as a real compliment that fans want to SEE the concepts and stories I came up with.  I’d like to see them too but there are such incredible compromises that have to be made in order to get a movie into production. Monster House sat on the shelf for almost 10 years.  We’ve been trying to make Heat Vision and Jack into a movie for nearly as long.  What I can say is this; if Scud only existed as a comic book, I’d be fine with that.

You’ve worked in a variety of mediums including comics, animation, and live-action television. Which is your favorite?

Depends on the project.  My favorite projects are those that combine everything.  I’m a “gimmie too much” kind of a guy.  I like my projects big, colorful and over the top.  Loud and noisey.   I like films and TV that are layered with all sorts of media.

“The Sarah SIlverman Program” recently began a new season on Comedy Central. The show has utilized cartoons, musical numbers, and puppetry. What kinds of things can fans expect this season of the show?

More layers to be sure.  One thing I demanded of my crew and post house was to bump it it up in terms of craftsmanship.  Really get the show tight and slick. We really did it.  Each episode has at least one “Wow moment” in it that makes it so much different from anything on television.  I’m incredibly proud of my team.

What other Rob Schrab projects should fans look for?

Like I said, I’m working on the Heat Vision and Jack movie right now.  In the final draft  phase.  I’ve grown a lot as a writer over the last decade and I’m hoping to go to the next level with this one.  I learned so much when I resurrected Scud, now its Heat Vision and Jack’s turn.  It’s exciting and scary -good thing, since every great story needs both.  I’m also working on a killer Octopus movie, something I’m trying develop as my feature directorial debut.  It’s in the vein of Tremors and Shaun of the Dead -pure creature feature fantasy.  I’ve got a bunch of things up my sleeve…maybe another comic???  Who knows?

Thanks Rob.

For more info on Mr. Schrab, check out his website here.

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