Bruce Lee Kicks Ass in Ping Pong Too

November 21, 2008


Direct Link to Youtube Video

Now I don’t know if this video is real or not (I doubt it) but it’s still pretty awesome.  This shows the master, Bruce Lee, playing ping pong with a pair of nunchaku in what’s sure to be the best ponging sequence since Forrest Gump.  This is a Chinese Nokia ad that, in the way of Amercian ads of late, doesn’t really have anything to do with the product.  But hey, it’s cool none-the-less.  Next up is disc golf with throwing stars.

Article from Gizmodo.

Original site (in Chinese, so have fun translating!)

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    2 Responses to “Bruce Lee Kicks Ass in Ping Pong Too”

    1. ben Says:


    2. punch888 Says:

      yeah, it’s not real, ben. was just going to send it to you. cool nonetheless, indeed.