Short video game update for today.

November 20, 2008


First, I announced yesterday that Microsoft had launched their new NXE which is a new dashboard design and provides many new features. What I forgot to mention was the coolest feature of being able to load games to your HDD. Now you don’t load the full game and have no use for the disc anymore but this will definitely help with loading and performance times for most games. Most games….what doesn’t work you ask. Well probably the biggest would be Halo 3. Yes the most popular game on the system performs worse when you install it to your HDD. Bungie, the creators of Halo, responded as so:

Basically, the game was programmed to copy map files from the disc to the HDD to speed up load times. If you install the game to the HDD, it copies the files from your HDD to…another part of your HDD, which is a lot slower than a disc-to-HDD transfer…….we shipped Halo 3 before Microsoft finalized this particular feature. As a result, we were not able to take advantage of it (or any other potential optimizations we discovered after shipping Halo 3)

No word on if there will be a patch to address this issue or if they will just recommend not installing Halo 3 on your HDD.

On a lighter note below is a video highlighting all the fatalities from Mortal Kombat vs DC. Some of them are kinda weak, but that is expectable for a T rated game. I hope to have my hands on this game soon and will provide my thoughts/analysis on the game. Spoiler alert…I guess.

Direct Link to Youtube Video

And two Microsoft posts in a row, I must be sick or something.

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