Nice article on Dogfish Head

November 19, 2008


This man is Sam Calagione, and he got Max stinking drunk one time.  He is pictured above with Randall the Enamel Animal, a dry hop apparatus which has occasionally forced him into intimate moments with the TSA (pic taken from DFH’s website).  Once again, this is a beer which is not currently being distributed in my home state; but every time I go to Wisconsin to buy New Glarus, I always pick up some Dogfish Head too.  Their entire line-up is filled with everything from total hop bombs to beers with ancient and esoteric ingredients.  You might not enjoy everything they make, but you’ll never be bored by it.

This article is pretty long, but does a good job depicting the origin of the brewery and the mastermind/mad scientist behind it all.

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    One Response to “Nice article on Dogfish Head”

    1. ben Says:

      Cool article!