Glimpse Of New Wolfman Toy

November 17, 2008


As I’m sure you’ve already heard by now, The Wolf Man is currently being remade with Benicio Del Toro in the titular role where he basically plays himself (a big, furry beast), and co-starring Anthony Hopkins (also playing himself: smarmy, yet lovable Brit).  It’s being directed by Joe Johnston who has done some pretty cool stuff: Honey I Shrunk the Kids, Jumanji, The Rocketeer, and is even the new Captain America movie (exciting!)

MezcoToyz has just released some images of the new 7″ Wolfman toy they’ve designed to accompany the movie, to be released in April 2009.  Check it out:

I always loved these hyper-detailed (and in this case, hyper-articulated, as in “12 points of”) pieces.  No word on if this one is going to have hip-thrusting action, though.

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