Viewtiful Joe is back!!!

November 3, 2008


Well in a way at least. It has been revealed that Viewtiful Joe will be a playable character in the upcoming Japanese fighting game Tatsunoko vs Capcom. TvsC will be another venture into the VS Capcom series that gave us the fantastic Marvel vs Capcom 2. For those not familiar Tatsunoko is an anime company that brought G-Force, Speed Racer, Bible Stories and many others over to the states back in the day. As of right now TvsC is only scheduled to be released in Japan for the Wii but there have been strong rumors from the start that Capcom USA will be looking to bring it over here. Being the 2D fighter fan that I am, I really hope that this game will come over to the US, if not we still get the fantastic Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter II HD Remix later this year to satisfy our 2D fighting needs.

Direct Link to Youtube Video

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