The Four Horsemen do Dr. Fate

November 3, 2008


In the DC world, I’ve always dug Dr. Fate.  I loved the DC Superpowers figure as a kid and always wondered when we would get a cool, modern, 6″ scale figure.  Well, here he is- and he’s sculpted by The Four Horsemen.  Dr. Fate is going to be a part of Mattel’s DCUC (DC Universe Classics for the squares) Wave 8.


Classic Chase Variant

Look for Dr. Fate and his DCUC Wave 8 homies in stores mid-Spring 2009.  Check out the whole Wave 8 lineup @ here.

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    2 Responses to “The Four Horsemen do Dr. Fate”

    1. mike Says:

      I believe that the Red Parademon and The Gentlemen Ghost will be the ones to get in this set.

    2. ben Says:

      I actually really like the Red Parademon, as well.