Microsoft SecondLight

October 31, 2008


Direct Link to Youtube Video

First, I want to say that I’m an Apple guy.  I think their business practice of using superior technology, looking towards the future, and making great looking products has put them a good head (and maybe a shoulder) above other tech companies.  I’ve owned an Apple since the IIe days and think the iPhone (and more importantly the Mulit-Touch display) has created the next evolution of how we interact with a computer, just like they did with the the original Macintosh user interface.  I’m an IT guy in a XP environment all day so I have the pleasure of using both systems in detail.  Microsoft has lagged behind, while using a lot of the successful features of Apple, with XP and Vista.  It looks like they’re doing it again with their previously shown Surface touch tables (basically what I would say is a table sized iPhone).  SecondLight is the next step from Microsoft and WOW does it look nice.  This looks like something from Apple, which is the best compliment I can give.  Watch the video and see what lies ahead in the soon to be future….

Thanks to Gizmodo for this story!

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