John Daly is my favorite golfer of all time. *Updated video*

October 30, 2008


John Daly

Now we usually don’t report on Sports on this site, but I felt this needed to be addressed. John Daly was arrested yesterday for passing out drunk at a Hooters restaurant. Hopefully this will not impact his Hooters sponsorship on the tour. Full article taken from below.

When you hear the words “Hooters,” “John Daly” and “extremely intoxicated” in the same sentence, you know where this story is going. In the latest chapter of Daly’s longtime struggle with alcohol abuse, he was held overnight in a North Carolina jail after passing out at a Hooters restaurant, according to a statement released by Winston-Salem police on Wednesday. Police officers were called to the Hooters at 120 Hanes Square Circle in Winston-Salem at 2:17 a.m. Sunday. When police arrived, Daly, who had passed out at the restaurant, was already being treated by emergency medical workers, according to police reports. Emergency workers said Daly refused to go to a hospital. According to police, Daly “appeared extremely intoxicated and uncooperative.” Daly again refused to go to the hospital and was eventually asked to leave by Hooters employees, police said. Because Daly had no transportation, police said they held him in custody at a local jail until he sobered up. Daly was photographed by police but does not appear to have been charged with any crime. This is the latest in a series of headlines about the long-hitting star, who came from nowhere to win the 1991 PGA Championship. This year, he made a bizarre appearance at the British Open, where he accused his former coach Butch Harmon of lying about Daly’s alcohol abuse and then struggled to break 90, and he played a shirtless round in Missouri for a local TV crew, which became a YouTube hit.

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    3 Responses to “John Daly is my favorite golfer of all time. *Updated video*”

    1. ben Says:

      I can’t figure out if his outfit in that picture is a brison jumpsuit or an authentic Hooters uniform.

    2. ForbiddenDonut Says:

      It’s not easy to get drunk at a shitty chain restaurant…that’s a lot of rum runners and oreo cookie cocktails.

    3. ForbiddenDonut Says:

      This man is a personal hero of mine. He exemplifies everything that’s great about professional sports.