Episode 23

October 30, 2008


The biggest episode of Nerd City yet, Ben and Max are joined by Shawn Smith¬†of Shawnimals, as they discuss the release of Shawn’s new Nintendo DS game, Ninjatown, his time at video game magazine¬†EGM, and his road to nerd success on this super-stuffed episode of Nerd City.

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Ninjatown Trailer:

Direct Link to Youtube Video

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    2 Responses to “Episode 23”

    1. LittleGeorge Says:

      Great podcast! I was linked here through PlasticandPlush.com and I’ll be listening to all your older casts and keep listening into the future!

      Thanks for making them!

    2. ben Says:

      Thanks, George!
      I’m a big fan of The Mace of Broggah, btw.