No Sleep Till…

October 29, 2008


Brooklyn is not only a city on the rebound, their beer production is returning to national prominence.  Garrett Oliver has done a great job chronicling the city’s brewing history, and promoting beer in general.  His Brooklyn Brewery produces some great session beers and also some cool experimental stuff on occasion.  Greenpoint Beerworks has been around for awhile, and now they’re joined by Sixpoint Craft Ales, who have dramatically increased their production ability.  With a 60,000 bbl/yr capacity, they should be able to begin distribution regionally, if not nationally, when they hit peak production.

There are a number of cities across the US with great brewing traditions.  Every region used to have at least one large brewery, and almost every state had several local breweries.  After the consolidation in the 1970s and the homogenization of our food and drink, revivals of this sort are always welcome indicators that we’re making progress.

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