Having problems with your Guitar Hero World Tour drums?

October 28, 2008


Well, I guess things can’t always be perfect.  Since the launch of GH:WT this past Sunday, many people have been reporting sensitivity issues related to their drum kits.  I myself have had issues with my yellow symbol not reading everytime I hit the damn thing.  So for now I’m dealing with the issue, but we do have possible solutions.  One from Activision themselves:

We have learned that certain drum kit controllers manufactured for Guitar Hero World Tour have sensitivity issues. We believe that these controllers are limited to ones in the earlier manufacturing stages. While we believe that this was an isolated manufacturing issue, we are stepping our efforts to randomly test our drum kit controllers so customers can be assured they work properly. In the event any consumers do experience problems with their drum kit controllers associated with sensitivity issues, Activision will soon be offering a drum tuning kit that will enable players to fully optimize their drums.

Our goal would be to immediately address any hardware issues Guitar Hero World Tour players have with the game. Consumers should visit the Activision Publishing customer support website at www.activision.com/support website or call 310 255-2050 in the U.S. where a customer care representative will assist them. Activision is fully committed to the highest quality manufacturing standards, and to satisfying every Guitar Hero World Tour fan so they can enjoy the best musical gaming experience ever created

The other option, which I will be trying when I get home, makes things a little easier.  Follow the instructions on the video and you should have no issues going forward and no modding of your drums is needed.

Direct Link to Youtube Video

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