Blitz: The League II

October 28, 2008


Max has to admit it. He’s super down with new Midway release, “Blitz: The League II“. Sure, a free copy didn’t hurt, but overall the game is super fun in a totally despicable way. It’s more like Mutant League Football than Madden, and it’s worth a play just to see how the game takes stabs at the NFL, including steroid-use mini games, encouraged sexual misconduct, and although I generally despise that fat idiot Frank Caliendo, the fake, sarcastic Madden coverage is inspired. I’ve always been a fan of the Blitz, Hitz, and Slugfest series, and without the constraints (budget, content, and otherwise) of licensing limitations, Midway has been allowed to take these games in a new direction, elevating them from quirky sports titles to satirical social commentary. With the closure of EA Chicago’s office and the rumors of financial trouble brewing at Midway, it is now more important than ever to support your local video game developer, and Blitz: The League II is a perfect way to do it. Get it here.

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