Darkness Day 10-25-2008

October 22, 2008


Darkness is an annual release from Surly Brewing.  It’s a Russian Imperial Stout, currently rated an A+ on BeerAdvocate, and its ABV is around 10.3%.  Surly is a brewery in Minnesota which brews amazing, style-defying beer and presents it with really cool graphic design and a very savvy marketing approach.  They’ve rapidly expanded over the past three years, and are now being sold in Chicago as well.

Darkness Day occurs at the Brewery.  This is your only chance to buy Darkness in bottles, but you can find all of those details below.  It will be on tap locally, and usually lasts for a couple weeks.  I’ll be inside the brewery selling merchandise, so stop by and buy some shit.



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    One Response to “Darkness Day 10-25-2008”

    1. ben Says:

      Very cool. I’m excited to try it.