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October 14, 2008


Today is the 30th anniversary of the legalization of homebrewing.  Along with Fritz Maytag’s purchase of Anchor Brewing Company, this is the start of the craft brewing movement in America.  Also, it contributed to many other better-food movements such as slow food, local sourcing, and sustainable agriculture.  Overall, it inspired many people to think differently about consumable products and not to settle for the status quo.  It’s the equivalent of Wyld Stallyns’ first album.

“On October 14, 1978, President Carter signed House Resolution 1337. Senate Amendment 3534 to that resolution called for equal treatment of home beer brewers and home winemakers. This law allowed that brewing up to 100 gallons per adult or up to 200 gallons per household per year was permitted for home use. The amendment was proposed by Senator Cranston of California, Senator Schmitt of New Mexico, Senator Bumpers of Arkansas and Senator Gravel of Alaska.”

–Also, is it odd that this is House Resolution 1337?  It’s either coincidence, or someone having fun with wikipedia–

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