Morning video game update

October 14, 2008


So I’m trying something new in regards to posting multiple stories of the day instead of multiple posts throughout the day. We’ll see if it lasts.  Anyway, I have three interesting stories that have gotten my attention this morning involving the best fighting game ever, a presidential candidate and the xbox.

First it appears that the ESRB has rated Marvel VS Capcom 2 for the Xbox360 and PS3. The ESRB website has been very accurate in the past in regards to games coming out that have not been announced (they were correct about Mega Man and Mega Man 2 for the virtual console). Now if this is correct and MVC2 is coming to Xbox live and the PSN network, we will be getting a fantastic fighting game for a reasonable price along with the possibility of online matches. With copies of this game selling on eBay for up to $100, this will be a huge benefit to us fans who don’t have copies anymore or for those who want to give the game a try.

With Microsoft launching their new Xbox Experience (basically replacing the old dashboard and offering a smattering of new features) it was noted that the update would require 128MB of save space. This really doesn’t work too well for all the Arcade owners who do not have a hard drive or limited memory card space. So in order to eliviate the pain, Microsoft has opened the website This site will allow you to enter in your console serial number along with the console ID and it will be determined if you are eligible for a free 512MB memory card or a refurbished 20GB hard drive for $19.99

Finally it appears that even video games can not escape presidential campaign ads. Recently if you go online with EAs hit racer, Burnout Paradise, you will see billboards promoting Barack Obama. These ads have been paid by his campaign and are 100% legit. Interesting to see this going on, but it really does make sense. Young voters love their god damn video games and this is a great place to attract their attention. If only we had a new Top Gun game, then possibly we could have McCain as a downloadable costume for the Maverick character….one can dream I guess.
Images courtesy of Kotaku

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    One Response to “Morning video game update”

    1. ben Says:

      I always wanted to pick up that Marvel vs. Capcom Game for PS2, but, yeah, those ebay prices are insane.